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Friday, November 15, 2013

FMF: Tree in the Traffic Circle

Five Minute Friday  writing....for only five minutes...on the topic of "tree"....

Originally I wasn't going to post this week, since I had no idea what to write.  But now I'm actually going to tell you about the trees down the street from our house.

This is a shot taken earlier this fall.  You can see the various stages of autumn in these trees...leaves mostly gone, somewhat gone, mostly not gone, and....still green.  What a holdout.  

The green tree (as it was above) is inside the traffic circle.  These trees are some of the tallest near our house, at least that I see often enough.  

During my NTS videoconference course, I tend to sit facing the window and just look at the trees.

Today was a nice sunny day, which meant I needed to go outside and cycle!  When the weather is cloudy or rainy, I generally don't feel like going outside unless I have to, even though I love exploring.

The other day, I re-discovered the location of the Synod of Dordt (my husband had taken me there at one point)...learned some of the history of the narrowest street (Zakkendragersstraat - Bag carriers' street)...and just people-watched.

Our city is full of old buildings and old trees.  

Imagine the stories they would tell if they could!

Today I snapped this photo of the tree in the traffic circle.
What stories do YOUR trees tell? time I should practice writing in Dutch!!

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