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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Web Wanderings: March 12

Some excerpts of the interesting blogs I read each week on my Feedly reader.  Stay tuned for a new blog post, hopefully in the next week or so -- I'm currently trying to catch up on school work, but I have another post in the works!

Growing into Authority: April Fiet

She describes her path to ordination and what she's learned since then:
"But, as I was prayed over, something happened. I felt electrified. In a moment it became clear that none of this was about me or what I wanted to do. God had chosen me and was going to be with me on the peaks and through the valleys."

Speaking is Painting: Why No Translation Can Be Perfect

This relates to a recent class discussion on Bible versions, and even more so for my Dutch learning:

"When people ask me which translation is best, I tell them that the best thing to do is not to rely on one translation. It’s actually better read from more than one and then compare them. Read a few major translations that try to be more word-for-word (ESV, NASB, KJV, NIV) and then look at some that are less so. Then, start learning more about the original words in Hebrew and Greek, so that you can figure out why Bibles differ. When you see how different artists paint the same words, you start to actually get a sense of the colorful hues of the original."

Being a Marylander: Anna Larimore

Enjoy this glimpse of my home state!

The Netherlands Then and Now: Holland at Home

Last week Jeneal (former KCA student) and I watched two episodes of this program.  My Dutch skills are improving, so I was able to understand a lot of this and also translate for her (and it helped that I could pause the show in the meantime).  It's been interesting to see the photos/videos from decades ago, but also to learn cultural history and Dutch values.  One episode was on work, and the other was on relationships and love.  The program (sorry, it's all in Dutch) explains these changes in values, but sometimes also the values themselves, which is not something that I can necessarily learn out of a book.


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