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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Resurrection Sunday Blogs

I've read a handful of Easter blogs and they were so good I wanted to share some excerpts here.

Enjoy - Christ is Risen! Христос воскрес!  De Heer is opgestaan!

Garden Tomb, Jerusalem, 2010

Marilyn from A Life Overseas
It’s this I think about today – for today is Good Friday. The day in the Christian faith where all of life stopped and the world darkened, a curtain in a temple torn from top to bottom. The day when Jesus, God incarnate, was condemned to the death of a criminal and bore our broken world on his shoulders. And today I set aside time to remember that day and focus on the view from above.
 That glorious, breath-taking, conversation stopping view. That view that sees the broken world that Jesus died for, the world that Jesus loves, knowing that each day that we fight this fight is worth it.
Dordrecht, 2012
Teanna from Across Cultures
Because once upon a time, the Garden birthed Life from death and the shadows were broken, the snake was crushed, and ONE powerful force walked through Hell resurrected.
He crossed a threshold back into our shadow world with scars from our shovels. He broke that death-snake, flinging it as far as the East is from the West, to show us that what’s dead is dead and the Garden is still there waiting for our return. And He stayed with us for a while, so that we could pitch our fingers into the nail holes and dance with Him.

Coptic Christians (?), Jerusalem, 2010
Katie Davis in Uganda: On Earth as it is in Heaven
We tremble. Because who wouldn’t tremble at the feet of the Savior? At just a glimpse of all He might have planned? But as we trust, we fill with joy and peace, we overflow with hope, just as it is promised. We know all He has done for us, and we know all that He has yet to do when He brings us into His kingdom.

And my prayer today is that we might not be afraid. Friend, whatever it is you are facing, do not be afraid. Whatever it is He is calling you to in obedience, rest assured – you will see Him! Go and tell the world of what He has done for us, for you! We can trust Him. And today, every day, we REJOICE in Him!


How do you say "Christ is risen" in your own language?  

How does Christ's resurrection give you hope?


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