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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

God is still at work in our lives. {wednesday web wanderings}

As another "Wednesday Web Wanderings" post, here are some excerpts of the interesting blogs I've read recently. This week's theme seems to be Ukraine and Europe!

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[continued prayers for Ukraine] - Zee

This is the latest update from my friend Zee.  The presidential elections are completed, but there is still a lot of unrest in eastern Ukraine.  Please keep praying for Ukraine, Russia, and the people caught up in the conflict.

Zee also posted this video created by Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren, made using clips from Kyiv's Maidan.

Going Home - Karen

Another perspective from Ukraine, in light of adoption from eastern Ukraine:
"On Friday night I sat around a table with these 2 newly formed families and gratitude swelled in my heart.   The tangible answers to those prayers were sitting in front of me.  God is gracious and kind."

a few good lessons I learned along the way - Teanna

Congratulations to my friends' daughter for graduating high school! Looking toward the next phase in
Lexi's life, Teanna writes,
"God meant for you to minister to this world, to this generation. Do not be naive about the temptations and the powers of darkness at work, but call upon the Victor of your heart to fight for you, to protect you. Pray. Be obedient. Be courageous. Be Jesus to your generation."

And, another song just for fun :)


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