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Monday, October 14, 2013

Language Levels

In my last few blogs, I explained that I was in a course for levels A2-B1.

What in the world does that mean??

Let me 'splain.

Most language schools in the Netherlands use the Common European Framework.

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In my case, I tested at A2, and they were moving me toward the B1 level.  However, my placement was a bit of a fiasco because they did not explain the "rolling" nature of the courses - you just jumped into a class no matter how far along they were.

Perhaps you are wondering how I could already be at A2 when I've only been living here for less than 2 months.  I've studied some on my own, practiced with my husband via Skype/FB, and also been immersed in a Dutch-speaking church environment.  I like to tell people, "I know just enough Dutch to be dangerous."  It's true.  I can understand/speak enough to communicate, but then I don't often understand all of someone's response or forget how to say something in Dutch.

The trouble is, I have gaps in my grammar and vacancies in my vocabulary. 

My husband and I went back to the language school in time for my second night of classes and managed to move me to the next lower course, A1-A2.  Though I would much prefer to finish courses - and take the Staatsexamen - sooner, I know that this will be less overwhelming for me and was indeed a relief.

If you want to read more about the specifics of each level, a PDF is available at this link.  By my own self-evaluation, I am indeed at A2.  However, I am closer to A2 than I am B1.

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