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Monday, October 28, 2013

Upcoming Cooking Adventures

Within the next month (beginning this week), I will be embarking on some baking adventures.

The first is to make pumpkin pie from scratch - I've never even made a pumpkin pie NOT from scratch! I am following the recipe here, with some substitutions for what I can't find in the stores so far. 

No evaporated milk? Okay, I'll try using whipping cream (the milky stuff, not Cool Whip or the whipped cream in a can).  A whole jar of local honey that we won't finish very quickly? Good, I can use it instead of sugar.

So far I've made it to the "bake the pumpkin and scoop out the insides" stage.  I've been waiting to start until I had all the ingredients for a crust (the recipe can also be found at the above link) - meaning Crisco or coconut oil.  However, we spoke with my grandparents last night and my grandmother shared her crust recipe.  She suggested that margarine would be a suitable replacement for Crisco.  Whew! We've got lots of it, as that's what we use on sandwiches!

The next experiment, which is in progress at this very moment, is making banana bread that requires baking soda and baking powder.  We found baking powder at Albert Heijn, a grocery store that carries more "international" type things.  It comes in a tea bag sized pouch, in a set of 5 wrapped in plastic, and is found near the cake mixes.  Haven't found baking soda, but this link suggests where to find it.

Mine looks something like this, but it says "Baking powder" in English.
I also would like to make my friend's recipe for lemon/orange poppy-seed bread, but that will have to wait until these other experiments are completed!

Hopefully later I will remember to update this blog with pictures and results of said experiments. 

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