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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday Web Wanderings: January 22

Excerpts from my weekly web readings....

"Some More Lies about the Dutch" - Invading Holland 

Read them. Laugh at them. But don't believe these words from a  British expat.  I particularly enjoy the "Holland level" and gezellig statements.

"On Faith, Judges, Coffee, and Short-Term Missions" - Unoriginality

This piece from Marissa's blog about short-term missions stuck out to me, since I will be planning (and hopefully guiding the pre-trip preparation) a trip for this fall:
"Jesus' method is pretty scary. Don't stay in a compound or "safe" place. Go to people's houses. Eat their food, share their space, serve them. Go out in pairs, not in a big comfortable group. Don't take a long list of all that you're going to accomplish by working twelve hour days the entire time you're there. Go and be with people."
What do you think is the best way to participate in a short-term missions trip?

"How I made sure all 12 of my kids could pay for college themselves" - Quartz

The answer: Beginning at age 3, the kids were taught responsibility around the house, were expected to be involved in one sport and one club each, looked out for their siblings, spent 2 hours a night dedicated to homework and/or reading, ate healthy meals (plus dessert!) and were not picky eaters, received a car (in need of repair from the ground up), and received a computer (that needed to be assembled).

What do you think of their strategies?  Obviously the latter two require a bit more money on the parents' part.

"More Than a Tourist: Living Deeply Across Cultures" - Communicating Across Boundaries

Guest blogger Jody Fernando reviews a book and specifically highlights the following abilities/skills in order to "live deeply."  In order to develop intercultural sensitivity, we must engage with the culture (not just look at museums), reconcile the contrasts between our two cultures, pay attention to what happens inside ourselves and what we can see of the culture, break our routines, purposefully seek out different places, learn the language, and maintain ongoing relationships with members of other cultures.

As I have still been here less than a year, I am working on these also.  I think one of the harder things to do is learning how to express myself, particularly in conflict, in ways that show "humility and flexibility" to others.

Do you have any other tips for "living deeply" in other cultures and not just skimming by?

Kyiv Post - all recent articles

I've been following the news of the EuroMaidan protests since they began in November.  Now, after oppressive laws were passed that essentially prohibit the protests, things have turned violent.  Journalists are kidnapped, three or so people have died within the past 24 hours, projectiles are being thrown, etc.  Last night we were looking at pictures and if it weren't for the Soviet-style buildings, these could be images from Israel/Palestine.

Please pray that Western governments will step in and do SOMETHING.  Already the US has revoked a few visas.  However, after presentations, Ukrainians are not allowing the other diplomats to respond to their explanations/interpretations of how their laws really are not unconstitutional.

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