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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Slot Loevestein

Slot Loevestein is a small castle located in what feels like the middle of nowhere.

Google Maps shows the relative location from Utrecht and Rotterdam
I think it must have taken us 45 minutes to drive there, and at the very end we were driving down a deserted road with very little traffic.  We felt like we were going to a farm.

The entrance fee for the castle itself is €11, but you can walk around most of the grounds for free.  The buildings in the photo above contain general information and artifacts found in the area surrounding the castle.  Another reason why to invest in the €50 Dutch Museumkaart?  It's valid at Slot Loevestein and gives you free entrance!

The place is actually rather kid-friendly, and would be entertaining to go back with kids.  When you pay your admission fee, you receive a lanyard with a key-shaped card on it (akin to a hotel room key).  There are 3 options for what role you can take - knight, prisoner, and soldier.  Throughout the exhibits (in and outside of the castle), there are kid friendly activities that change depending on each of these roles.  

The castle itself is very confusing to walk around - at some point we got off the guided trail and may have gone backwards.  Oops.  However, you can walk throughout most of the castle, all the way to the top, and learn about the function of each of these rooms.  

R and I in front of the castle
Information is available in both English and Dutch, which makes it accessible to all.  However, the kids' audio is (as far as I know) only in Dutch, so you may need translation or just to ignore it.

I personally enjoyed just wandering around, climbing the stairs and exploring all the nooks and crannies.  What would my life have been like in a castle like this?  (That's also a question I also considered during my childhood through books and my imagination!)

The castle remained in use for over 600 years, and was actually still in use for part of the early 1900s - a fact we found surprising.

Sample meal in the kitchen

My brother Adam and I in front of the castle
For more information, visit Slot Loevestein's website.


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